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More and more households throughout the UK are turning to woodburning stoves to provide effective long lasting warmth throughout the winter months. Having a high quality burning wood ensures that stoves are most effective for heating your home, for longer. Firewood in woodburning stoves is also Eco friendly due to not using fossil fuels such as gas or oil, it is considered a carbon neutral process.

Only the best ‘Kiln Dried firewood’ and ‘Seasoned hardwood’

Kiln dried firewood (Best quality)

Kiln dried logs contain approximately 10-15% moisture, which is less than seasoned logs making them more efficient for burning. Less energy is required to burn off residual moisture and therefore more energy converts into heat. The higher temperatures generated by kiln dried logs mean that everything is burnt, and you use less of them to achieve the same heat output.

Kiln dried logs also help to prolong the life of a stove as the higher temperatures burn off the water and the sap remaining in the wood, this prevents tar from building up on the inside of your appliance and leading to a loss of efficiency.

Seasoned hardwood (SOLD OUT)

A seasoned log is one that has been cut and dry stored under cover for a long period of time, approximately 12 months. Over this time the moisture contained within the wood evaporates off into the atmosphere. Seasoned logs contain more moisture than Kiln dried logs, however seasoned logs are still good firewood fuel for stoves and other appliances due to the natural moisture reduction process.

Seasoned logs contain approximately 20% moisture, which is approximately 5-10% more than Kiln dried. However, both Kiln dried and seasoned hardwood make excellent firewood.